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Ohio lawyers protecting creditors

Thomas R.Merry Co., L.P.A. is a law firm focused on the representation of creditors, lenders and financiers, especially with respect to protecting creditors’ rights and interests as debt holders.

We specialize in critical disciplines including:

Matters involving creditor law in Ohio (aka Ohio debtor law) can be extremely complex cases involving commercial litigation at the trial and appellate levels before state and federal courts. To ensure a successful strategy and optimal financial outcome, we advise our clients about creditor and debtor law in Ohio.

Our goal is to realize the most beneficial results and financial workouts and settlements for our clients as cost-effectively as possible. To do this, we contribute a wealth of knowledge about finance law, business, real estate, taxes, estates and many other subjects that frequently impact these types of complex legal cases.

Providing the legal guidance you need
Leveraging this knowledge, we guide our clients through the legal maze that often surrounds business litigation and credit-collection cases. We are experts on the fine points of Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and other types of bankruptcy proceedings filed to protect debtor rights and assets.

For creditors seeking to collect bad debts, restructure financial deals or foreclose on properties, we work diligently to obtain their rightful compensation as cost-effectively and judiciously as possible. These types of proceedings can be extremely complex, and failure to file claims according to the letter of the law can result in the cases being dismissed or collection opportunities slipping away.

Trust Thomas R. Merry Co., L.P.A. for your business law issues
When your legal problem arises, please contact us before you take any further action on our own. If your case requires expertise in creditor and debtor law, rights and protections, and to obtain cost-effective legal assistance, please contact Thomas R. Merry Co, L.P.A by calling 614-776-1013 or by filling out the email form on our website.